New Rules and New Regulations!

Updated: May 22, 2020

Hey! Hope you all have been doing well and staying safe during this unprecedented time. As you may have heard, salons have been permitted to open back up for business and I will start taking appointments starting 5/14/2020. To ease any hesitation in booking upcoming appointments, I’d like to inform you of my sanitation procedures and appointment requirements.

As of reopening, my entire suite has been professionally disinfected and sanitized. I will continue to sanitize and disinfect between clients and will be doing so in scheduled 15 minute intervals between appointments.

In addition, I will be wearing a mask at all times and will require any one entering to be wearing a mask or face covering. I will allow the mask to be removed during the shampoo portion of the service, but kindly ask that there be no verbal communication while your mask is off. I will also require anyone’s  hands to be washed thoroughly upon entry and will also be washing my hands in between services and anytime I re-enter.

Unfortunately due to mandated guidelines, our salon asks that you do not bring extra guests or children to your appointment. If you are early, please call ahead of time to ensure that I am completely done sanitizing. If not, please wait in your car until services can be rendered. The doors will be locked, so please call me from the call box at the front door and I will be able to let you in.

I’d like to note that I will also only be taking appointments on Wednesday evenings and Thursday thru Saturday. I recommend pre-booking for maintenance appointments after your service has been rendered to secure your appointment. I will be updating my online booking to reflect availability, however you can still always text to book.

I understand that this has been a hard situation for everyone and I would like to offer 20% of regular priced services until 06/01/2020 and will also be introducing an entry-level line of pre-made customized units, all under $500 with install included. More details to follow soon.

Last but most definitely not least, I’d like to thank everyone who reached out to me during this time and pre-booked appointments, took virtual styling lessons and did curbside wig drop offs. I wouldn’t have been able to make it without you and I definitely have something extra special planned to show my appreciation.

I understand these new guidelines are tedious, however I want to provide a safe and sterile environment for both your safety and mine. I look forward to seeing you and catching up soon. It’s been too long! 


P.S. My salon sent the graphic at the top for us to share with our clients, but of course they didn't look like me. So I went ahead and updated it to show some diversity. Howboudat

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